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My eating disorder August 19, 2007

Posted by Trezker in life.

I have a problem with food. It’s not one of those famous problems of overeating or wanting to be thinner. My problem is something I’ve never heard about in media so I have no idea how common it may be. I don’t want to spend my time buying, preparing and eating food because it’s such a useless investment of time. I only do it because I have to and I hate doing things only because I have to.

This has of course caused serious problems in my life. As I am very reluctant to deal with food, the meals get delayed and I suffer the effects of hunger. I’ve learned to tolerate hunger as long as I can sit at the computer and do mindless things. Fortunately this hasn’t had serious health consequences, perhaps the problems have been building up but they haven’t surfaced, I’m not even getting thin. I do eat, it’s just that I’ve been trying to spend as little time as possible on eating related tasks.

Until recently I didn’t realise that this habit of avoiding to spend time on food has caused me to waste enormous amounts of time because I was too hungry to focus on anything important. Even more ironic is that I spent lots of time thinking about food and how much I don’t want to waste time on it instead of just making some food and get it over with.

Also, in the effort of not wasting time shopping food, I only got the bare essentials to make the food I needed. Which means I was always eating bland tasteless food. This of course made food less appealing and gave me more reason to avoid it.

This looks really stupid now that I have gotten a new perspective. Yeah, I have been really stupid for three years. But now I’m improving my diet. Introducing more and more vegetables and otherwise varying food, and improving breakfast.

I started by getting apples to eat first in the morning, apples taste better than candy and is a lot cheaper. Not to mention healthier. I expanded from there.

A good tip for people who don’t think fruit and veggies are tasty. DO NOT buy them from the ordinary store, go to a place that specialises in fruit and veggies. They have much better stuff.



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