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Hello, my name is Anders and I’m a Guitar Hero. August 20, 2007

Posted by Trezker in gaming.

I’ve been playing Guitar Hero for over half a year now and think it’s an awesome game. From when I started until a couple of months ago it was like an addiction. I kept going back to it, training myself from beginner to expert quite rapidly, and it cut into my study time pretty severely.

As long as there was steady improvement and new songs to learn I craved more Guitar Hero every day. That time is over now though. Becoming better at the game has reached a stage where progress is slow and the rewards become rare. All I can do is repeat the same old songs while I wait for the next game to provide more songs. Funny that this lack of motivation occurred just when I no longer needed to focus on studies.

The biggest problem I have with Guitar Hero is the lack of song selection. You get a single disc of mixed tracks. It’s like buying an ordinary best of the 70’s music disc. I find this very primitive, but the game was made for a console with no hard drive or internet connection so for this particular system it’s not practical to provide more songs for the same game without producing a new predetermined collection to put on a disc. I hope new games in the series will fix this so we can play all our favourite songs from all out favourite artists instead of those select few that are picked for us.

Another thing I’d like is to have more than five buttons on the controller. If you’re not an expert player you probably think I’m crazy. Some of you may not even be able to hold green and orange at the same time, I didn’t when I first played the game. But now I have stretched my hand so I can probably hold the outermost buttons even if there were seven of them. When I started I could barely handle three buttons properly and now five buttons isn’t much of a challenge unless the song is ridiculously hard.



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