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Do you want the things you need? August 21, 2007

Posted by Trezker in life.

One of the big problems with people is that they tend to want things they don’t need. You keep on getting worthless stuff thinking that having all that fluff will somehow make you happier. But why do you think that? Has this thinking ever actually given you any lasting happiness?

If not, it’s time for you to rethink your priorities. Ask yourself if you want the things you need. Do you enjoy your food every meal? Do you enjoy cleaning your home? Do you enjoy your work?

We all fill our needs one way or another. But if a need isn’t filled in a satisfactory and enjoyable manner then no material assets in the world will fill the need of satisfaction and joy.

On the other hand, if you do enjoy filling all your needs. You wont crave buying useless junk. Also, since you’re saving money you don’t have to work as much. But since your work is enjoyable you will work overtime anyway and you’ll become rich! At least if you’re making a living on something that pays good enough.

I have not had much problems with materialism. I’ve been pretty satisfied with roof, food and computer. But since I’m so good at wasting my time on the internet I still didn’t enjoy all my needs. I just saved a lot of money by avoiding purchases of physical time wasters which are much more expensive.

Now don’t think you can’t fill your needs in enjoyable ways. Have you tried all possible solutions? If you don’t like your food, start experimenting, just stay away from the stuff that’s definitely not healthy and make sure you get all the nutrition your body needs. Eventually you’ll find a diet that keeps you thin and makes you love every single meal. This is something I’ve just recently started working on, as described in a recent post.

If you don’t like your job, search for other jobs. Research your possibilities, educate yourself. You don’t have to rush things, you have your entire lifetime to spend. Just do what you can in a comfortable pace and feel the joy of reaching for a more enjoyable life. If you just do a little thing every day it’s enough. Just don’t stand still.



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