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Crackdown is the GTA I’ve been waiting for August 22, 2007

Posted by Trezker in gaming.

I liked the original GTA where you run around freely in a city and wreak havoc with cars and weapons. But none of the sequels have given me any joy, they all felt soulless. But now I have stumbled upon the game I’ve been waiting for. Crackdown makes 3D city mayhem gaming fun.

I say I stumbled on it and that is what happened. You see, in my school we have a gaming room with all the modern consoles (except PS3 which is too expensive) and among them an XBOX 360 which so far hasn’t seen many games worth mentioning. Well today I went to this room and didn’t quite know what I wanted to do there, and on top of the XBOX dedicated TV I see two new games, one of which is Crackdown.

At first I didn’t have high hopes, I thought it was just another FPS which is never a good thing on console. When I started it I began my career as superhuman agent by occidentally¬† kicking a police officer… This of course made all the police around attack me so I had to kill them. Chaotic and messy while I was learning the controls, but it was fun and I realised this was not an FPS, and it wasn’t a boring GTA clone.

Thus I became curious, what does this game offer… So I keep on playing and discover that I can eventually lift 10 tons, jump 30 feet high, become an awesome fire arms user and be awesome in general. All this in a game where I’m allowed to run around freely, kill what I want when I want and take on the actual story at will.

Total freedom, awesome powers, wall climbing! Few games in the history of entertainment combines several of my favourite game play elements. Crackdown has what I want and it’s well done. Even the difficulty is well weighed for my casual style. It’s like this game has been tailor made for me.

I’ve only played through about a tenth of the game though so I still have a lot to go through before I can give a fair judgement on the game in its entirety. But the first few hours have given me much joy and if I had a 360, I’d definitely buy this game.



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