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Crackdown finished August 24, 2007

Posted by Trezker in gaming.

My latest post was about my first impression of Crackdown. Now I’ve finished it. It wasn’t a long game and it wasn’t much of a challenge, but I’m hoping it has a bit of replay value.

The main goal of the game is to take out all the bosses, in any order you feel like. I accidentally took out one of the top bosses when I had only taken care of half of his underlings. It was tough, but I don’t think it would’ve been easier had I done things in the right order, even if the game claims it is so.

The biggest challenge in taking out bosses in this game is not the bad guys never ending onslaught, if it was only a matter of number I could’ve taken the rocket weapons and blasted my way through. The problem is only with the terrain. I had quite a bit of trouble finding my way around at the last bosses and since you can’t soak up infinite damage at once I had to find hiding spots too.

Explosive attacks were a bit troublesome too. Sometimes I’d find my way to the boss just to stumble on a massive grenade attack that threw me off the building. I could’ve survived and often even stayed on the building if it wasn’t for loss of control. When you’re hit by grenades you don’t regain control until you hit ground and stand back up… When you’re in a high enough building, you don’t stand back up.

Anyway, even if it’s a short game it’s very enjoyable. In the following days I’ll see what you can do after finishing the game. There are challenges to complete, I have barely cleared any races nor have I achieved much else. So I’ll be playing around with it and see if it has any more than three days gameplay value.



1. jameswillisisthebest - September 9, 2007

This is my first post
just saying HI

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