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Heavy thoughts August 27, 2007

Posted by Trezker in life.

The things you think about daily are easy to repeat. Your common thoughts simply float up to the concious mind. Some thoughts have so much lifting force that we can’t push them down even if we hate them, like when a really irritating song sticks. But not all thoughts come to mind easily, they’re lying in the bottom of your subconscious mind so you have to focus to find them.

This is of course something that you may not reflect upon much. These heavy thoughts are easy to forget. You have to consciously choose to repeat them to make them stick. This is very troublesome and a great problem that I think needs some attention. Some of these thoughts are important.

Since this post was inspired by such a thought that I had the night before starting this post, I have a hard time remembering what I want with it. So I’ve let it rest for a day. The following night I had another collection of thoughts. These thoughts have been in me years ago but I lost them somewhere along the way. I feel these thoughts are important and I want to have more of them, but I can’t recall what they were about.

While I was lying in bed trying to go to sleep I was having these incredible thoughts and thought I should remember them the next day so I could blog about them. That was a mistake, I forgot them completely. All that is left this morning is a faint feeling about the thoughts, but no content. It’s like I have a layout but no post.

Of course I could have gotten out of my bed and written about them.  I even thought about doing so and I had all the reason to get out of bed since people were making noises in the corridor and I was kept awake by my thoughts. But I decided I wanted to sleep, so I laid there for hours thinking and being constantly distracted by the noises in the corridor.

I guess the lesson to learn from this is that whenever you have an interesting thought, write it down before you loose it. Even if you’re convinced you can remember it for later, you can never be sure.



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