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Task balancing problems September 10, 2007

Posted by Trezker in programming.

We have started working on a project in school and it will be going on until January next year. I’m very excited to work on it because we have a design going that seems quite nice and I hope we will make a good game.

One problem I’d like to write about right now is the problem of motivation related to the tasks you work on. I’ve seen several sides of this problem and the solution for high motivation does not lie in any of the extremes. Last week I had a too big task, it took a whole week to get it done. Today I’ve have solved several easy tasks. Neither of these are very inspiring, but both types must be done. You can’t only work on the tasks that are perfectly balanced, in the end you will end up with these two types anyway.

So in the future I’d like to try scheduling my tasks better. I should take on one big task for the week but make sure I do some quicker tasks every day to give my mind a rest from the big one.

Another little note. We’re supposed to write a 500 word post about somthing important every other week about the project. This was barely 200 words and I suck at writing nothing in many words so I don’t know how to solve this problem.

EDIT:  I just read the latest post on Zen habits about limiting yourself to increase the value your time. I have already known the wisdom of prioritising your work and I have tried to apply it. Maybe I haven’t done it right though. There must be some ingredient missing in my approach since I fail to generate enough motivation.

I have already written about my failure to motivate myself despite engaging in a very limited format of work here. I have a worthy goal, I am inspired and I focus on the most important. I want, I should, I can and I need to do the tasks but still the motivation isn’t enough.

Maybe my problem doesn’t lie in the projects I engage. I can’t see what’s missing within them. But if I look outside the projects there are some issues in my life that may be more important to work on. My life outside of the computer world is however very foggy and I can barely see beyond my own nose. I live primarily at the computer and see the rest of reality as a necessary evil. This limits my ability to see clearly in non computer issues, I wonder what it is that I need beyond my digital world.



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