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Blogging to breed understanding September 22, 2007

Posted by Trezker in life.

I have just now realised that blogging can make people understand each other better. Well duh! That’s obvious aint it? But how many use blogging as a tool in teambuilding or for bonding among friends?

Relationships are very dynamic and humans are unpredictable. The inner thoughts are way too much for us to be able to communicate everything while we’re directly communicating with each other. When we have to keep feeding information back and forth we have to choose what to communicate.

Details small and big ones, unimportant and important ones get filtered out when they don’t quite fit in with the current situation. The mood, the sentence you build, the time constraints and other factors force you to skip stuff. All the things you skip in live communication are very likely to never be given their place in a communication session.

These skipped pieces of information sometimes contain something that’s vital for others to understand you. You may be getting irritated over something that you’re sure you had communicated, you’re sure your friends know why you’re upset. You think it should be obvious to them, but they seem to have no idea what’s wrong. Most likely, they don’t. There’s probably one sentence you could say to them that would make them understand.

The longer something bad is left alone, the bigger it grows. It grows until it can not be avoided. The longer an issue stays untouched, the bigger the consequences when it finally hits the fan. Big problems that hits the fan quickly are easy to deal with and then get back on track. But a small issue that lies waiting for months may have long term effect.

In a project you way be working happily thinking your work is based on solid ground, every stone in the base support more and more of the building the longer you keep working. If after a few months if a guy points out that he didn’t like that stone in the center of the base, he wanted it red instead of blue, the issue way to late to change. You’d have to tear down almost everything to replace that one piece.

This is where blogging comes in. If you decide that you’re going to write a serious blog post regularly that brings up an issue you care about, you’ll almost certainly put something in writing that other need to read. Some detail that makes them understand you better. You will probably not be aware what it is as you write it, but it may have a huge impact in the long term and someone might point it out in a comment on your post.

To post regularly, once a week or maybe every day, is important. It forces you to think and find something to write about. If you only write when you think you’ve got something worth posting then you wont get at those details that you thought you already said. When you think you have nothing worth saying and say something anyway you will reach through layers of buried thoughts. First you dig out stuff that you’re not quite sure you’ve said clearly enough. Then you reach the things you’re unsure you said. Finally you reach the things that your friends and teammates need to hear.

Well this is just a theory. But it makes sense to me. I’d like to dig deeper but now I have to get back to what I was doing before inspiration struck.

EDIT: Maybe I should mention that this post has something to do with my previous post where I mentioned my trouble with reaching 500 words. Yesterday I wrote the first of ten posts for the project I’m working on and even though I reached 490 words it was a struggle. But in writing this post going over 500 was no trouble at all… I must have a deep hatred for doing things that must be done, I gotta solve that problem.



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