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*sniff* Compy died :'( September 29, 2007

Posted by Trezker in computer, life.

Yesterday I came home to something terrible, a sick computer. When I turned on the screen all I saw was blank desktops. I tried doing stuff but programs could not be started. I tried to reboot but it would work. I tried to use Ubuntu live disc but the computer made strange noises and couldn’t keep the peripherals working properly. My computer is dead.

The symptoms are new to me. I’ve had harddrives and powersupply die on me before but this time it’s different. It doesn’t seem to have died completely, maybe more than one thing is partially failing. I have a feeling the power supply isn’t stable, the sounds I believe come from a fan and the lack of access to boot on hd suggests a bit of data integrity fail.

I’ll probably be doing some investigating to find out what’s wrong and how to fix it. But I don’t like dealing with hardware, I’m not comfortable with it. I can disassemble and assemble a computer but it’s something I try to avoid. I just want a stable working machine so as long as it isn’t showing signs of trouble I don’t like to remove the cover.

I have mixed feelings about this happening on a Friday afternoon. One downside is that I don’t have access to a computer store where I can discuss the problem with pros. A more serious downside is that school closes earlier Friday and Saturday so I don’t have as much computer access for two days as I would the rest of the week.

The positive side is that the weekend gives me time to cool down and analyze the problem, maybe I can solve this without turning it over to the guys who want my money for fixing it. It also forces me to face my computer addiction. Since the computer crashed I have experienced a lot of illogical feelings and thoughts. I have had doubts about my ability to do stuff that has nothing to do with computers, like going shopping and eating food. How can I eat food without youtube or Star Trek?

Well, at least I have books to read. It sucks but I think I can get through this without too much mental damage.



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