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Once upon a time there was a game December 3, 2007

Posted by Trezker in gaming.

It was called Prince of Persia and it was a wonderful game. The gameplay was unique and the challenges were hard. Many years after the original two dimensional games there were attempts to make sequels worthy of the name. But, in my humble opinion, they all failed miserably.

Transferring a 2D gameplay into 3D is something that doesn’t come easily and cannot be done without some innovation and a few strokes of genius. The Prince of Persia titles that tried just made up a story in nearby territory and threw a somewhat generic 3D adventure gameplay at it. They lost the elements that makes a game play like the real Prince of Persia.

But now we have a game that has nailed that old feeling, or at least it comes close. It lets you climb walls and jump daringly from rooftop to rooftop while town guards chase you. But this time your not a Prince, the story is not remotely the same. But I don’t care about the story because it’s gameplay that matters. If I want story I see a movie or read a book.

So have you guessed which game I’m talking about? I am talking about the quite recently released Assassins Creed. The game first sparked my interest around a year ago when I saw a trailer showing an assassin climbing walls and doing other cool stuff in Jerusalem. I’m always interested in climbing so this was definitely a game I wanted to try.

When I first played the game a few days ago, I thought it was good but not special. One could climb walls and fight guards, but in the beginning of the game you’re quite limited in the fighting department so I didn’t think much of it. But after a while things got more interesting.

As I learned counterstrikes and throwing daggers I started having fun. The fighting in this game has something special. You can fight using several different tactics, or run for it. Sometimes you kill one guard silently, sometimes you start a big fight, sometimes the big fight start on you.

But the thing that makes this game truly great is that it has that feeling of Prince of Persia. Finally someone has figured out a way to bring such greatness into three dimensions.



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