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OS review, Linux Mint XFCE April 5, 2009

Posted by Trezker in computer, linux.

I have now tested Linux Mint a little bit and it’s time to share my notes about it. Then I will install something else, I don’t know what it will be yet, I have a few distros to choose from.

I will start with the positive points because I liked this distro and they say first impression has a great impact on people.

I found it easy to access stuff as root and discovered a very good feature. In Thunar, the file browser, and mousepad, the text editor, you get a little yellow warning line at the top that makes it clear that you’re root. That gives me a feeling of safety, makes it a little harder to forget you might do something harmful.

Installing more apps easy with synaptic package manager. I really like the debian package system with apt-get and aptitude. Also, in Linux Mint I could install just Mahjongg without getting a whole bag of games I never play, it felt very good!

Remote desktop is available for use both from and to the desktop right out of the box, you just have to enable it and it’s ready to go.

Automatically mounts removable media and of course it’s easy to unmount.

My wireless network worked right out of the box, D-Link AirPlus G. I was impressed, but not overly surprised since I heard the Linux community had a big breakthrough in the wireless area a few months ago. Just last year it was troublesome to get wireless working.

Ok time for bad stuff.

The update manager is always in the tray, may not be a bad thing but it is a bit distracting since I’m not used to it. Also it shows a broken lock whenever I use a different program to do package managing.

Shared folders is not supported out of the box. Thunar seems to have some kind of support for it but it is not enabled by default and the procedure for enabling it is a bit complicated. So I didn’t bother fixing it. Instead I installed Nautilus which is a much simpler path to getting shared folders. But overall I think Thunar may be the better file browser so I hope they fix this soon.

And finally, my specific laptop got a black frame because the right resuloution wasn’t available. It seems I would be required to mess around in some kind of system file somewhere, it’s a non trivial problem that even I who is not a stranger to messing around with sensitive stuff couldn’t solve. Hopefully the developers will make this problem simpler to solve in the future.



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