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OpenSUSE May 9, 2009

Posted by Trezker in computer, linux.

The livecd version of this distro didn’t install on the laptop due to too little memory, it needs more than 256 mb. (Did I mention that in an earlier post?)

Anyway, the “regular” DVD version worked fine. The installer was very nice. During the big install phase you not only have a slideshow but also details on the install process and release notes to occupy yourself with.
Note though: It automatically selected a too large resolution that did work, but it didn’t fit on the display. I had to restart the install because I couldn’t navigate the buttons that were outside the screen.

This distro correctly handled both the display and my wireless network, which is quite nice. The package manager is also rather nice. I think this might be a good distro to live with.

But there was a big showstopper which causes me to loose the will to run it. Folder sharing, denied! I would sure like to see a thing like this easy to enable. But in OpenSUSE I couldn’t find any settings in the control panel. I had to start digging in the configuration files, googling and all that. And even after a sizeable amount of work, it didn’t work. So if they want me using this distro in the future, this has to be fixed.



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