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OpenSUSE followup June 29, 2009

Posted by Trezker in Uncategorized.

In the last post I made about OpenSUSE I complained about the folder sharing issue. Well now I remembered ssh and discovered that Nautilus has it, so the foldersharing issue is moot. Who needs it when you can just ssh everywhere?

On the system update feature. I think I said that there were two separate areas of updates. Security and “other”. But when the system pops a notice in the taskbar saying there are updates available it actually gives you the option to install security or all upgrades. So it all fine. I’m starting to get rather fond of this distro.

Another thing I like is that you can right click in any folder and choose “open in terminal”. Why doesn’t ubuntu have this?

However, there’s one thing I don’t like. The Computer menu, especially the applications. It just shows the last like 6 programs you’ve used. If you want to choose another application to start, you need to load up a program with search feature and stuff and it’s rather sluggish on the old laptop I’m using.

I’m starting to really like OpenSUSE. It seems to be a rather pretty good distro, very usability oriented like Ubuntu. I don’t know which of OpenSUSE and Ubuntu is best, each has their own issues and advantages. I am not in a good position to judge, I have one on a somewhat new desktop and the other on a rather old laptop. Since I don’t feel like messing around with changing places on the two, I will just leave it at saying that both are very good overall.



1. Jonas - June 30, 2009

To fix the open terminal issue on Ubuntu install the nautilus-open-terminal package! 🙂

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