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Allua August 13, 2009

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This post is not about a Linux distro. Now it’s time for something else.
For a few months now I’ve been working on a programming project called Allua, and a few days ago I made a first release of it.

Allua is a library for the scripting language Lua. A library that provides functions from the game programming library Allegro. This means it provides features like graphics displays, images, drawing, sound, input and fonts. I don’t know exactly how many functions there are, I didn’t bother to count.

If you are interested in using this creation, learning something about Lua or just see it, here’s the project page. http://wiki.github.com/trezker/allua

For those who wonder why I decided to create Allua I will now explain.
About a year ago me and some guys on allegro.cc spawned a community project. Usually this kind of project starts with a guy feeling enthusiastic on a monday, he starts a thread, people discuss, people disagree a lot and the thread dies.

But this thread didn’t die. A somewhat solid group got along quite well and decided to try and make an Adventure game. I started coding, another guy set up source control server, there was a small website with design docs and info. We called the project Monday of course. Few people dared believe we’d actually finish it. It went strong for a while, but then I hit a bunch of motivation killers and stopped working on it. Now it’s a project on hold and I don’t know if it will be revived.

Now onto how that project connects with Allua. It’s pretty simple, the Monday project was integrated with Lua. It was made so certain stuff could call Lua scripts so designers could work on it without rebuilding the whole project. But because I was a Lua newbie, the whole Lua integration was done wrong. This is one of the big reasons I stopped working on the project.

But some time after my stop, I kept thinking about how Lua should be used properly. Which is how I came to the idea of Allua. I wanted to put more of the power into the Lua side. Then I realised if I wanted a library like that, I’d have to make it myself.

So now it’s done, at least an early version of it. So some day, I might revive the Monday project. I like the design docs that another guy in the project made, so I’d like to see it become a playable game.



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