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Working on my 3D modeling skills October 9, 2009

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A while ago I started working on a game with networking, 3D and all that. At the time I didn’t feel like modeling a proper character to put in the game, so I made the simplest boxy placeholder model I could just to have and be able to do 3D stuff with like rendering and animation. Of course, I still had to do the UV mapping, rig, skinning and animation(simple animation). All that was quite challenging, but I go through it.

Yesterday I somehow got the idea that I wanted to do a somewhat proper human model for the game. So I searched for, and found, a really nice video tutorial that shows how to make a low poly character in Blender. It took me about 5 hours to make the full model and I was surprised at how simple it felt, both the making of the character in itself but also working with Blender. I have worked a little with Blender before (with that simple model thingy) so I’m familiar with it, but this time it really flowed. I felt like a pro, even though I’m well aware that I am just a newbie following a simple video tutorial.

Well, here’s the tutorial:http://montagestudio.org/tutorials-page/modeling-tutorials-page/modeling-a-lowpoly-character/
(link to download hi-res version in the comments to the tutorial)

And here’s my result:



1. Jesper - October 9, 2009

Nice work!
Alot better then my first character model.

2. Claudiu - November 27, 2009

That’s great!

I never managed to make such a good 3D model, esspecially in Blender which is like Japanese to me 🙂

trezker - November 28, 2009

Perhaps I have some talent for modeling. I found it quite easy actually. I had a clear guide telling me exactly what to do and reference images so I just had to match up my polygons against them.
The Blender interface is also growing on me, it really flows well. Once you learn some of it it gets easier to learn more.

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