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White apple March 22, 2011

Posted by Trezker in allegro, computer, life, programming.

It’s been a while since I posted anything on this blog. I haven’t felt like there was much to blog about in my life for quite some time.

But now a whole lot of stuff has happened all at once. Well, not exactly all at once but at the pace I was living before it seems pretty much instantaneous to me.

I can first mention I’ve been working as a programmer fulltime at http://www.vastgotadata.se/ since the end of January. So I’m finally earning some money from the skills I’ve spent so many years learning.

This led to me buying a MacBook which I’m now writing this blog post on. It takes a bit of training to get used to the fn/ctrl/alt/cmd buttons, both in their layout and function. Not to mention all the other little differences from what I’m used to.

Third and last thing I’ll mention is the state of the Allegro game development community. They recently released the long awaited Allegro 5 which is a huge step into modern times. Event based input, hardware accelerated graphics out of the box and lots of other improvements making the library a much more viable option for serious game development for anything from the simplest to the most advanced game projects.

Allegro misses one big part though, and that is a GUI library. Allegro 4 came with a minimalistic GUI that you could use for quick interface needs. So now that the new library got release a whole bunch of different people announced they’re working on their own GUI library, and I’m one of them.

I started working on my library a few months before the release of Allegro 5. But now that I have a full time job and the travel time is rather tiring the project has been going rather slowly due to lacking energy reserves.

The library is a very dynamic creation. I’m aiming to make it as flexible as possible. Skinning, behaviour, layout etc. should all be easy to modify. I’m building a layout editor which saves YAML files that you can load in your C++ code so you wont have to hard code your interfaces. You’ll only have to handle the events from the widgets.

There’s no screenshots as I haven’t gotten to the eyecandy stage of the project. But if your enough of a code monkey you might appreciate a link to the projects repository https://github.com/trezker/SWAG.



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